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Why canned beer?

Highly hopped beers have organoleptic properties that need to be conserved. We do our best to provide a product with very specific characteristics , however storage and preservation can alter the properties and the final taste. This is why we have opted for cans and only for particular beers we use bottles.

It all relies on temperature and light exposure. Sudden changes in any of these factors can compromise the final result.

Beers such as IPAs , characterized by hops and their freshness are sensitive to light , a short time is enough and the aromas change towards less pleasant notes and drinkability loses considerably. With cans , the citrus, resinous, herbaceous characteristics remain full, even the color remains unchanged and the beer is appreciated much more .

The resistance to light is absolute , this is one of the reasons why the can better maintains the fragrance of the product. The other reason is that the can is totally airtight, i.e. it does not exchange air with the outside and, unlike the crown cap of bottles (which can have micro leaks), the closure is hermetic.

Summarizing the characteristics of canned beer:

- Conservation : As already clarified, an important thing, the cans are airtight and opaque, to prevent the passage of air and light.

- Ecology: From an ecological point of view, aluminum beer cans require less energy than glass and are 100% recyclable and the can recycling cycle is short.

- Storage: In addition to being super strong in an upright position, the cans can be stacked on top of each other and therefore save a lot of space compared to bottles. In terms of transport, cans greatly facilitate the process, especially since the weight of a can is much lower than that of bottles.

- Cooling: Another aspect not to be overlooked is the temperature of the beer. In fact, a can will cool much faster than a bottle.

- Diffusion: It is true, however, that the machinery used for canning has a very high cost and for this reason craft breweries often remain on the bottles. Given the emphasis we place on our production of hopped beers, we have opted for cans to provide a product with characteristics that remain unchanged over time.
In the United States there are many breweries that use cans, in most cases using them for beers such as IPA and APA, but also for light lagers and more delicate beers in general.

In any case , we recommend pouring the beer into a glass , in this way you will not lose part of the taste, you will be able to admire its color and you will be able to fully enjoy its aromas.

It is important to remember depending on which container the craft beer is in, keep them in the fridge below 8°C , this is because at room temperature the essential oils of the hops are lost and the organoleptic part changes considerably .

Good drink.

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